Friday, May 1, 2009

A Message To The Alex Brown Racing Forum And The Fans Of Barbaro

I have struggled with my understanding of how you all arrive at the conclusions that you do. In truth, I think that a great many of you are overzealous in your desire to help horses.
I believe that is your driving force.

But, I do have difficulty with what you are supporting. I am not throwing blows here. I am simply saying. And I believe, as someone who bore the brunt of, your disillusionment and anger. Over having been, so successfully scammed by so many supposed rescues, I have some standing to question and state.

I wish to be very clear in that I do not wish to be a recipient of the money that you raise. I asked for help once. A rather limited amount of help.
What was it? $600 maybe?

I had no idea the rules or guidelines to asking for help online. At that time, I barely knew how to operate a computer.
No money was ever solicited to be sent directly to us. Nor did or do we have a PayPal account.
And while, I came to know later that you had all been the victims of scammers and frauds. I had no way of knowing that at the time.

Many of you crowed about being able to determine me a scammer. How smart some of you were.
I believe one poster even threatened to have me incarcerated. For fraud.
And I was turned over to fhotd. For what you all had determined were my just desserts.
For asking for help.

I was called "Begging Bertha". "Another Panhandler At The Park". And had someone else's interpretation of my life made into public fodder on the internet.

Even now, some of you dare to call me a scammer. And it does bother me. Mostly, that you would dare.
As, so many of the rescues your group have supported, have proven to be frauds and scammers.

I still have all of the same animals that I did in October of 2008. I am not the subject of any type of negative Humane action.
Why do you suppose that is?
We all know there were many many anonymous calls to AC. Why am I, the one you labeled, a scammer and a hoarder, not the one who is currently the subject of investigation?

I would never ask for money from either of these boards again. Without meaning to be, harsh or hurtful, I think many of you give far more than you can afford to.
And I do believe you donate irresponsibly.
And the follow up is very poor.

I think many of you have become "Rescue Addicts". Which is, very similar to being a hoarder.
And I think, in all honesty, that I feel sorry for many of you.
Because, you are not responsible.

I believe in many instances, you made promises of money to get horses placed at 3 Strikes. And dropped the ball after.
1 man and 336 mustangs? How could that have ever been considered a good idea?

I can commend your efforts to raise money to help address the 3 Strikes situation and to feed the workers.
I can commend your ability to organize quickly and with some proficiency.
But neither, can I forget.
I cannot overlook that you also could have organized to have a spot check done once a month.
Never did you require Jason Meduna's permission to do a fly over. As some of you had horses there.

I am going to be over the next week, posting histories and pictures of the animals here. I invite you all to take a look.
Because in truth, We, as in, my family and I, are owed an apology. For everything that the ABR board caused to be rained upon us.
We have never violated our promises to the animals.
And we, more so than, any rescue the ABR board has supported, have done it for the most part with our own money.
We asked for help once. And received a fair amount of abuse in return. The funny thing is, We are still here. As, are the animals we committed to help.

We do not consider the ABR board to be in the same league with rescue. We can hope that will change.
And that you will become responsible.
In truth, that would be our hope for all of you.
But we, would not be comfortable endorsing your efforts at this time.

I apologize if this is cause for offense. But it is nothing compared to what we were exposed to by so many of you.


  1. There are so many other decent individuals and facilities which "ABR & Co." has attacked in similar fashion. I sympathize with what you had to experience.

    My own facility was attacked with an obsessive smear campaign, and also served as an object of projection and scapegoating for the severe pathology which exists on the ABR platform, as well as servicing their insider fraud; their parasitical infestation is widespread and includes "sister sites" such as ICER, COTH, and the Fugly website and "free speech" forum.

    The more web traffic and sites they can utilize for their agendas, the more they think their campaigns and scripting will be believable. Another common tactic they use is to lump a targeted victim's name with convicted frauds and abusers to further disinform, deceive, and manipulate.

    I was also a new Internet user. I was very naive, very open and trusting, and unfortunately my light bulb didn't come on until it was too late.

    False reports were filed against my facility also, as well as this tactics: on and offline stalking, harassment, libel, harassment of personal and professional contacts, harassment of other donors, forgery, framing, fictitious websites created with my rescue's name, websites hacked, computer viruses, porn spam, email forgering. You name it, they did it.

    If you read this article, you'll find "ABR & Company" uses nearly identical harassment and smear tactics used by this cult to attack a Washington animal sanctuary:

    I've been banned from entire networks because of what I've been documenting and exposing.

    Any newcomer to any of these sites would find this difficult to believe. But if you visit Thomas Sheridan's website, he describes "ABR & Company" to perfection. I recommend before anyone sets their eyes on ABR or any of these other sites they read here first:

    They only deceive themselves.

    Thank you for speaking out. More need to do so.


    Debbie Richmond
    Mustang Hearts

  2. Oh, and I love the name of your blog :)